Behavior Point System (Tutorial)

DRL. điểm rèn luyện, behavior point

This is the introduction how to see your Behavior Point on the system:


  1. Fee of Point Behavior Transcript is FREE, you don’t need pay fee like GPA Transcript
  2. However, we only provide ONE Point Behavior Transcipt per Semester
    Therefore, you must back up or copy for applying many Scholarships/5 Good Student/…

Step 1 : Login through myIU on IU website :

drl, điểm rèn luyện, behavior point

Step 2 : Take a look in your details:

– Your point in current semester / Details in each parts

– Details for events which student had enrolled

drl, điểm rèn luyện, behavior point


In case, you forget your password login myIU (IU Portal), please contact Mr. Đức at O1.312 – Ex: 3377 – email:

Any question/mistake in your point, please contact Mr. Trần Khai Minh – Phone: 37244270 at O1.105 – Ex: 3826 – email:

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